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October Goals (or lack thereof)

October 6, 2009

I’m not writing October goals.  In my September Wrap-Up, I noted that I really wasn’t paying much attention to my goals in general, and ended with this thought:

“If I don’t really mean them, why do I write them?  If I do really mean them, why don’t I meet them?”

Paranoid Asteroid chimed in with some thoughts, and I think she had it.  Since I moved in with T, I’m saving a lot more money automatically.  Also, as Revanche pointed out:  if I miss my goals, you know what happens?  I save a little less.  I don’t go into debt and I don’t even borrow from savings.  I just save less, which still isn’t an insignificant amount.

This doesn’t mean saving less isn’t something to ever worry about.  I just can’t push myself on it right now.  I can only put so much pressure on myself, and if spending an extra $100/month happens, it happens.  I like challenges, I like pushing myself, and I like goals and lists.  But right now I’m focused on a few really really big goals, and I can’t seem to motivate myself for small ones.

So.  In October I will (these aren’t goals, rather plans I already made and must do):

  • Have a birthday and a birthday party!  Our first party (of <2 guests) in our apartment
  • Complete all homeworks and a midterm for my class
  • Start my M.S. project (need ~15 page report done ASAP)*
  • Fitness bootcamp 3 mornings a week (I’m glad I did this because it automates a routine for me)
  • Be a superstar at work
  • Remain sane (at least at the standard SP level of saneness)

*Rather suddenly, I’ve decided to add on my M.S. project this quarter rather than next.  This means I’m going to be extremely busy, but it also means I’ll be DONE with school in December!

(photo by Evil Erin)

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  1. October 9, 2009 11:14 am

    p.s. that’s a fantastic picture!!

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