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Travel Fund Focus

October 18, 2009

Thus far my travel fund has largely been a revolving account.  I estimated how much I spend in a year on plane tickets home, small vacations, and backpacking trips, and I contribute 1/12 that to my Travel Fund each month.  However, I’m going to need to start building this account up if I want to take a significant vacation (honeymoon!) next year.

Here’s what’s on my travel agenda between now and then.

Vegas Weekend in November: The cost is dependent on our ability to split a room with another couple, but I’m hoping to come in under $400.  I’ll decrease this if we can get a hotel deal, but it should be doable if not.

Christmas ticket home: I should have bought this last month.  Or two months ago.  I’m looking at $400, or perhaps parting with some of my miles to knock it down a couple hundred.

Mini-moon: We have a (really tentative, perhaps not even going to happen) plan to take a very short and close-by honeymoon immediately following the wedding, then do a much bigger vacation later in the summer or fall.  I’m hoping we can do this for $400.

Honeymoon: We don’t have a firm plan or a firm budget.  The budget is essentially whatever it costs to do what we want (within reason!), but I’m going to try to have at least $2500 saved by the end of April.  That will give me a few months (and perhaps an extra paycheck or tax refund) to make up the rest.

This also neglects little backpacking and hiking trips.  I know I won’t have time for any until at least January, so i’m going to postpone thinking about them for now.

So… at the end of this month, my travel fund will be at about $900.  I’ll have 6 more months until April to allocate the remaining $2800 towards travel.  This means I need to be putting away close to $470 each month for travel for the next six months. I’ll make it $500 for good measure.

I’ll start working that into my budget in November.  This month I used part of my extra paycheck to boost my travel fund, but I’m still a long way from where I need to be.

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  1. October 18, 2009 7:21 pm

    Dang, now that’s a huge chunk of money set aside every month for travel! Honeymoons are expensive though. My hubby and I paid $3000 for a week long trip to Cuba and although it was the worst vacation of my life, I’m glad I got to go on a trip WITHOUT being in debt over it because we saved up for it. Good for you for doing that as well!

  2. October 18, 2009 8:30 pm

    That is a lot of money put aside every month for vacations! I like the idea of a mini-moon. So, out of curiosity, does your travel fund cover the cost for both you and T, or just for you alone?

  3. October 18, 2009 9:06 pm

    Right now, just me. He has his own savings (though not as crazily allocated into funds as mine) and can definitely cover his share out of that. Except for Vegas — that is sort of family thing for my family, and should cover us both (at least, I’ll pay for the hotel myself, which is the main expense right now unless I can find a better deal).

    It reallly is quite a lot to put aside for vacations each month though. Previously I was putting $200 or so each month. But an international plane ticket alone is at least $600. Plan tickets home are ridiculous right now… Most if it is due to the honeymoon fund. I guess that is why we’ve mostly been doing small vacations. Maybe I’ll have some left over — but I’d rather oversave than undersave.

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