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This week’s focus*: Projects!

October 26, 2009

I was so happy with myself for finishing my homework before noon on Saturday (due Tuesday) that I didn’t accomplish much else school related the entire weekend.  FAIL. I did upgrade to Windows 7 (free from my school!), meet up with a cousin i haven’t seen in almost a year, visit friends’ housewarming (apartment warming?) party, and cook some food for lunches for the week.  Finally.  I have lived of bananas and Lara Bars lately!

I have a midterm this weekend, but after that, the only work I have for that class is the final project.  No more exams, no more homework!  I also have a master’s project to create and have made very little progress so far, despite it being almost halfway through the quarter.  YIKES.  Luckily my project supervisor is pretty laidback, but that doesn’t mean I don’t have to come up with something decent.

After that, I’ll have my life back.  Free time!  And possibly more actual talking about personal finance.

This Week’s Focus

  • School: Read 2 specific chapters in my textbook.  Take notes.
  • School: Read at least 3 papers, preferably much more, take notes
  • School: Watch lectures on the day they come out
  • School: Schedule Skype meeting with professor to discuss project — but I have to have something to discuss to do this!
  • School: Review my homework assignment for the midterm — she said it would be quite similar.
  • Social:  Go to concert and bee a bee on Halloween 🙂
  • Shopping:  Buy fall/winter coat (40% off Wednesday coupon from BR).  I tried it on this weekend.

[*I’ve (at least temporarily) abandoned monthly goals, but I do like keeping track of my progress and goals.  My main focus for the next 2 months is getting through the quarter at school while maintaining quality work in the office.

Instead of monthly goals, I’m going to start each week (preferably on Sundays — I’m behind already!) with a focus entry.  I’ll recap last week’s accomplishments and next week’s priorities.  (This is something I’ve seen in many status reports at work.)  Basically, it’s a glorified to-do list for the week. ]

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  1. October 26, 2009 8:11 pm

    Oh boy, lots of work. Good luck! 🙂

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