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November Budget

October 30, 2009

I haven’t posted a budget in awhile, so here is my November budget.  I’m really kind of curious to see if I can make it if I’m really dedicated.


Income: This is estimated based on 17% 401k, a heck of a lot of taxes, health and other deductions, and my new (small) raise.

Roth IRA: I contributed a lump sum in January, then a fixed amount each paycheck (including 3 paycheck months).  At any rate, it is on track to be maxed out by the end of 2009.

Student Loan:  I think I’ve mentioned this is in deferment at 0%.  I set a variable amount (usually $25) in a savings account to ofset the balance, so I feel like I’m making progress.  But it is a really low priority.

Restaurant:  This probably will be the hardest number to meet.  We’ve been way over this all year.

Clothes:  Already spent!  Eeep!

Fitness:  I decided against the gym for November.  Realistically, I knew I wouldn’t go.  I’m doing bootcamp one time a week for the strength training, and running with coworkers after work once a week.  I also hope to get in one weekend workout.  Bootcamp is $67, which is a lot, and probably more than I’m willing to spend long term.  But in the short term, it is what I realistically can handle this month.

Travel:  I’m hoping to have some left over to put in the Travel Fund, but I’m also going to Vegas for a weekend.

Everything else is actually mostly contributions to “funds”.  Some people prefer not to organize their money this way, but I like it.  For example, I don’t have car expenses, but I plan to contribute $250 to my car fund.   But if I have a $25 oil change, I’ll net $225 to my car fund.

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  1. October 31, 2009 5:12 am

    Looks solid to me

    My clothing budget was out of control this month. Have to scale back!!!

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