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Christmas Wrap-Up

December 28, 2009

We arrived at my grandparents today to find a snow drift taller than me, nearly blocking them in their home!  I was a victim of the big snowstorm that swept through the midwest during Christmas, snowing day after day.

We stayed cozy inside, finally venturing out on the 26th to buy a wedding veil for an absolutely ridiculous $125 (i know, i know. . .  similar ones are $80 online) and to see the Squeakquel (my nephew is 3.5 and loved it!).

On the 23rd and 24th I did some last minute shopping and I think I can tally up my final Christmas gift costs:

Mom:  $60 GPS split with sisters
Dad:  $50 Blu-Ray player split with sisters
Sister 1:  $67 Pink perfume, book, scarf, shirt
Brother in Law:  $25 Socks + Itunes card
Sister 2:  $60 cardigan, t-shirt, necklace
Niece age 1:  $20 Two sweaters and pants
Nephew:  $20
Moon sand, toy airplane
T’s Sister & Husband:  $15 bike pump
T’s parents:  $10? T took care of a gift from us I think.
Grandparents:  $45 Coffee, chocolates, socks, and a laptop lap desk thing

Total:  $372

You’ll notice I left T off the list!  He was naughty this year.  Just kidding!!  We decided to take a weekend getway for about $400 total instead of doing presents of about $200 each.  I think that will come out of the gift fund rather than the travel fund, so that brings the total to $572, compared to my estimate of $525, it was quite close.  The gift fund has enough to cover it, plus 3 birthdays in the next week and half (if I count January’s contributions).

Like I mentioned, I give gifts based on what is the norm in my family, and all my gifts seemed well received.  I have a few more days in the cold and snow before jetting back to L.A. to be with T for NYE!

I hope you all had a great holiday!

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  1. January 3, 2010 8:09 pm

    I think your gifting limits are reasonable – conservative but not too challengingly so. Sounds like you had a great time!

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