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Starting out 2010 in the Desert

January 4, 2010

Last Thursday T and I arrived in LA from our respective hometowns just in time to buy some cheese and champagne from the corner store, watch (a rerun of) the ball dropping, and share a NYE kiss.

We had originally discussed a backpacking trip (likely to Joshua Tree) for the three day weekend.  However, after spending over a week apart in the cold Midwest, we just didn’t feel like strapping our packs on and sleeping in a tent.  We had skipped our usual $200-ish Christmas presents for each other in hopes of planning a little getaway later this month — but why wait?  We had the weekend free!

We ended up in Palm Springs, CA, a desert resort town popularized in the 50’s/60’s by movie stars escaping city life.  The area is framed by Mount San Jacinto (the first mountain we climbed together in 2008) and Mount San Gorgonio (which we climbed this summer) — this time we took it easy and stayed in a cute little bed and breakfast type place.  We booked for two nights (Fri/Sat), spending the day checking out the downtown area and the cool modernism architecture, followed by some serious relaxing by the pool.  The evenings started with complimentary happy hour, food, then hot tub/pool time again.  It was really really great!  Our usual vacations are much more active/adventurous — this weekend was perfectly chill.

Our starting budget was $400 ($200 each).  Due to the holiday, the rooms were $420 after taxes — we stayed at a really nice place, much nicer than I usually plan for!  Food and gas were relatively cheap, probably another $50 per person there.  I’m taking $200 from the gift fund, and the rest from the travel fund.

It was a really relaxing way to start the new year together!  We’ll be back for sure, but probably not for awhile — so many other places to visit!   Have I mentioned lately that I love where I live?!?  I really really do.  I’m super excited for 2010, for having free time again, and I’m honestly not even dreading going back to work…at least not too much!

BTW, I’m still taking my December/January goal pretty seriously, and have avoided committing to any real 2010 goals yet — but I will!

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  1. January 4, 2010 3:38 pm

    It was 25 degrees when I left for work this morning and I am really jealous that you are still in California, by the way.

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