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February 2010 Goals

February 7, 2010

The great thing about posting February goals when February is 6.5 days old is that it is very unlikely you will fail them in the first week!

Here they are!

  1. REPEAT:  Establish a consistent work schedule. The obvious key to this is to wake up at 6:30 am or earlier EVERY day instead of convincing myself I’ll just get ready more quickly.This does not work, I have tried, and my morning speed is just too slow!
  2. Run 3x a week, 8+ miles/week and generate a plan/log.  My knee has been feeling just fine, so this should be fine.  I am trying to stay conservative and not push too hard.  I tend to get excited — an actual plan would do me good.
  3. Complete 12 days of 30 day shred. This is a 3x a week average. No problem.  I also want to throw some Pilates in, but only when I feel inspired.
  4. Keep eating out budget below $40. I usually budget $65 for my share, but we also almost always go over.  This is a bit of a reach goal, but considering other expenses, I want us to achieve it.
  5. Don’t buy any work clothes or boring clothes. This is a little different than absolutely no shopping, but it serves a purpose.  I have enough work clothes for the season. If I’m going to make a purchase, it better be something interesting!
  6. Save 100% of my bonus. This is not as impressive as it sounds — I am setting no such goal for my tax refund of about $700. More to come on plans for that baby!
  7. Go on a backpacking trip. This is tentatively planned for V-day weekend, but I won’t be shocked if we postpone yet again.  But I hope not!

As usual, a laundry list of small-ish tasks that should get done this month

  • (Repeat) Passport (I wavered on this since I’ll be changing my name in 2 months, but it is free to replace if you legally change your name due to marriage.
  • (Repeat) Finish two books (in the middle of one)
  • (Repeat) Call cable company and attempt to reduce rate
  • (Repeat) Wash my poor dirty car!
  • Send out wedding invitations (eeeek!)
  • Find a florist
  • Call the hairdressers
  • Start programs (my first true DIY wedding project)
  • Mail birthday presents
  • T, order your guys’ tuxes!  (He has no blog to track his goals, so I’ll track this one for him.  Aren’t I nice?  Or really bossy.  Well, it needs to be done!)
  • T, max your 2009 IRA!  (This one too. . .)
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