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February 2010 Wrap-up

March 1, 2010

February Goal Report

  1. REPEAT:  Establish a consistent work schedule. Not really. I did better at this, but I still need to fight at this.  I am going to change this next month to a consistent wake up time.
  2. Run 3x a week, 8+ miles/week Yes! There was one week I ran just twice due to rain and only got 7, but I did so good I’m counting this as a win anyway.  Weekly mileage count was 11,12,7, and 12.
  3. Complete 12 days of 30 day shred. No. Two times a week was all I managed.  I want to step this up.
  4. Keep eating out budget below $40. Oh no. We were so close but then decided to go out for tapas Friday.
  5. Don’t buy any work clothes or boring clothes. Yes! So I bought bras and they are boring, but I needed them.  Aside from that, my only purchase was denim leggings — definitely not work appropriate.
  6. Save 100% of my bonus. Yes! It is all saved up, mostly in the car and long term fund.
  7. Go on a backpacking trip. No. As usual.  I blame wedding planning and T’s cycling.  March isn’t looking much better


  • (Repeat) Passport Finally! After like two years on my to-do list.
  • (Repeat) Finish two books Nope
  • (Repeat) Call cable company Nope
  • (Repeat) Wash my poor dirty car!  Nope — and you can tell!
  • Send out wedding invitations Yes!
  • Find a florist Yes! On the last day of the month, I drug my mom (who came to town!) and we got this taken care of.  Damn, flowers are expensive!  If I was having a big wedding, we could NOT have done floral centerpieces.
  • Call the hairdressers Yes!
  • Start programs (my first DIY wedding project) Not really, just looked up ideas.
  • Mail birthday presents Yes!
  • T, order your guys’ tuxes!  No, but this is as much my fault than his — we’ve procured a swatch and can proceed
  • T, max your 2009 IRA!  No! Get on it T!

Net worth report:   $62,604
My first month to end over $60k!  The cash tracking is often off by a few hundred either way due to the complicated way I manage my accounts (note to self:  fix this), but either way, I saved a ton for retirement and a good amount in various targeted savings.  Wedding spending took away nearly $2,000 this month and the wedding fund is slowly dwindling.  I was always unsure if I should even included it in my net worth, but that question will be moot in less than 2 months.

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  1. March 1, 2010 5:08 pm

    Yay for sending out your invites! I’m just starting to get into that project now. Did you DIY them?

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