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Happy Weekend!

March 5, 2010

Can you all believe it is March?   I can’t!


Continuing with this seasons unusually wet winter, Los Angeles is scheduled for rain on Saturday.  But I have a ton to get done, and most of it is not very fun.  Worse, T is out of town this weekend, so I’m on my own for all the boring chores!  But I’m still super glad for this weekend.

What are you all doing this weekend?  Here is my to-list.  I doubt I’ll do it all, but I hope to make a dent in it!


  • We have some fun planned, so nothing productive is going to happen today!
  • Sleep!


  • 6 mile run (could blame the rain, but…  Will do Sunday!)
  • Make guest book (wow, this is really hard — I started it, but I don’t think I can do it without T!)
  • Make favor tags
  • Maybe go get some favor samples to see how they work in the boxes.  If I feel like it.
  • Book hair appointments
  • Start grocery list
  • Call my mom (it is her birthday!)


  • Grocery shop & farmer’s market (got the TJ’s supplies but still need to trek to “normal” store for the rest)
  • Laundry
  • Wash car
  • Sort through papers
  • Read & relax!
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  1. Angela permalink
    March 5, 2010 4:16 pm

    Hey, what kind of guest book are you going to make? On another blog i read today they have a link to photo books you can make on Kodak’s website. If you are looking to make a different kind of sign in book that is a good option. you can put as many or as few pictures that you would like and leave open pages for the people to sign in on. Anyways just a sugguestion. 🙂 Good luck with all your tasks.

    • March 6, 2010 3:04 pm

      Yes — I’m definitely trying to make a photo sign in book. It is kind of hard because I want lines rather than blank space!

      Thanks for the suggestion!

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