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March Goals

March 5, 2010

I’m no longer in school, but I still feel like life is super busy.  I could blame the wedding, but I honestly don’t feel like we are spending THAT much time on it.  Maybe life is just busy in general?  I thought I’d have all this time for hobbies, but all I’ve managed to increase was fitness stuff!

March Goals:

1.  Max out T’s Roth IRA.  Actually he has to do this, and he’s using his savings — but I just know I’m going to need to “help” him.  He’s already agreed, he just hates making annoying phone calls.  (So do I.)

2.  Run 3 times a week with weekly mileage above 13 miles.  I’m scheduled for 13 this week, so I figure it will only go up from here.

3.  No boring work clothes or clothes from national chains. But I might buy something fun for weekend wear!   This will require me trying out some boutiques — they are just as affordable as the stores I usually visit, and much more fun.

4.  Save $400 in the travel fund.  Ah, there is  a pf goal!  I did some calculations and I should be saving $400 each month through September to afford plane tickets to the Midwest, the mini-moon, and the later honeymoon.

5.  Finish all that wedding stuff. I am hoping to make a guest book and favor tags.  We still need to finalize our ceremony, the tuxes, and hair appointments.  We need to think about attendants gifts.  Meet with the caterer to finalize… stuff.  And probably a few extra things.  Oooo, like a marriage license.  Yeah, wedding planning is super fun.  (Can’t wait to get married though!)

6.  Wake up at 6:30 or earlier every work day.  For obvious reasons.

7.  Do 30 day shred 12 times (3x a week average) and mix in yoga and Pilates.  I’m not setting a goal for the other two, but I really want to finish 30 day shred.  I’m pretty bored with it lately!

8.  Blog 2-3 times a week. Because I really miss blogging with you all!

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