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April Net Worth and Savings Update

May 1, 2010

I finally reconciled my accounts and updated my sidebars – I think it had been a few months!  Here are how things are going.  Not surprisingly, I’m behind on most savings goals, as I upped my retirement beyond my initial projections, plus wedding spending ate up cash in the first half of the year.

Car Fund $2,022:  While replacing my car isn’t a really high priority, I had hoped to be further along in this goal by now.  I’ve only increased the balance by about $1000 this year.  This is partially because I had to spend several hundred on maintenance/repairs in March.

Long Term Savings $2,475:  I’m actually surprised that I’ve made any progress here, as it is a low priority goal for no specific purpose yet.  I think I dumped a chunk of my tax refund in here in February, and I’ve been adding small amounts each month.

Travel Fund  $1,728:  This deserves a post of it’s own, but this is going to be my main savings focus for the next several months.  Provided I am able to take a couple days of unpaid leave in early September, that is.  I don’t think it will be a problem — but I don’t know for sure until I ask.

Emergency Fund $16,000:  Stable.  I claimed I was using it for an emergency trip back home for a funeral, but I ended up just using my travel fund and cash flow.

NetWorth $69,488:  The wedding fund is gone, but I’ve been diligently saving a bunch in my retirement accounts each month.

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