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2010 Clothing Spending Update

May 23, 2010

I failed on my no clothing purchases for May and bought some new black work shoes.  I’ve had my current ones re-heeled twice and I wanted to bring another pair into the rotation.  I spent $53 on black mid-heel shoes, on sale (naturally).

On that note, I have been meaning to review my 2010 clothing spending for awhile, so here it is!

The blue purchases were all in one day immediately before going home for my aunt’s funeral.  So in my defense, it was a hasty buy and the two cardigans probably were more than I’d usually spend.

The red stuff could be counted as a wedding expense – especially the stuff I bought specifically for a boudoir photos.  And I think I’ll let myself off the hook on that, and only that.

The whole first half of the year was basically a whirlwind of stress.  I think I should be able to do better the rest of the year.  I’m going to have to be really careful if I want to meet my goal.

2010 clothing spending to date
: $500
BR Oatmeal Cardigan, $40
BR Navy Hoodie Sweater, $60
BR Black tank, $30
BR Black belt, $45

Bourdior stuffs ??
Wedding Cardigan $60
Dress for Welcome BBQ $40
Blue Cardigan to wear with dress $40

Target necklace/earrings, $20
F21 White nautical tank, $15
Other casual dress $20
Other casual dress $20
Silver flip flops $10
Black Work Shoes $53
Hue Denim leggings $30
F21 long white top, $15

Note I have 4 cardigans on this purchase list.  Having a variety of layers really improved the versatility of my wardrobe.  The more expensive cardigans definitely are nicer than the cheaper ones – I think they were solid purchases (although – I should probably have tried to find them for less).

My work wardrobe is pretty solid (and pretty casual too), but I like to add a top now and then.  My weekend wear is on the boring side, but I also don’t like to invest much money there, as it tends to be a bit  more trendy.

Anticipated future clothing desires $300
Cross-body bag (for traveling and because I want a new bag) $100  (This could be much less, but I want to get real leather)
Dress for cousin’s wedding $100
New top or two in the fall $60
Cute casual dress $40

I have a little bit of buffer room in my future wants, but I’ll need to be careful.

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  1. May 23, 2010 1:52 pm

    $800 at the end of the year will be pretty solid. Even $1000!

    I’m climbing the walls here. I’ve seen so many cute dresses and shoes… *must stop browsing*

    That being said, I find that I am getting a LOT pickier with quality with this no spending thing.

    I feel like when I do finally buy something in November, it won’t be something that isn’t PERFECT.. which is a dangerous road to travel :\

    • May 23, 2010 2:05 pm

      $1000 was my year end goal — less than last year by a bit, but still reasonable!

      Quality is difficult — because it is so expensive, and sometimes, you really just don’t need super high quality (at least, at the price!)


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