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Revised 2010 Goals & Progess

June 21, 2010

Even when I made these, I knew I’d have to come back and revise the cash savings downwards.  I don’t have opportunities for overtime, I don’t have an interest in a second job, so I know exactly how much I can possibly save the rest of the year.  And my goals are way way too high.  Partially due to this honeymoon and this wedding and all the other travel…  but I don’t regret any of that!  I have an efund and a fledgling car fund and no other major cash goals right now.

1.  Advocate for another promotion
The first half of my master plan is going well – that is gaining more responsibility at work, doing well, and earning respect.  The second half is bringing it up to my manager so he knows what I’m expecting.  I plan to do this soon – I think we have mid-year reviews coming up and it will be a good time to discuss that.

2.  Save at least 18k 20k in my retirement accounts
This includes $5,000 for my Roth IRA and $13,000 $15,000 in my 401k.  T is contributing a regular $200/month to his Roth, and we’ll add some lump sums to max it overall.

3.  Save $15k $7500 in cash funds
Yes, cut in half.  This is what I can do.  I’ll split it between long term savings and my car fund.

4.  Go on 10+ day hikes and 5+ overnight backpacking trips
Status here.  We have 4 backpacking trips planned, and maybe we’ll plan a short weekend one late fall to top it off.  Day hikes have been lacking since I’ve been more running focused and because summer really is not the best time to hike around here.

5.  Continue to create and maintain an active and healthy lifestyle.
Still vague, but going really well, a least lately.  I don’t know how to make this more measurable!

6.  Spend less than $1000 on clothes while building a wardrobe I love
I posted progress on this awhile ago.  In truth, I’ve been much more focused on part 1 than part 2, but I’ve been doing ok.


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