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June 2010 Goal Results & Net Worth

June 30, 2010

Something went wrong this month.  I was attacked with low energy and general June Gloom for the last 2 weeks or so.  It seems to be improving now.  I’ve been taking iron supplements (I figured this was the most likely cause since I have been rejected from blood donation at least twice due to low iron) and trying to eat a lot of veggies.

Onto July!  But first, a quick review.

1.  Run 80 miles and strength train 2 times each week. :::sigh:::: This totally fell apart.  I did run my first 10k though!

2.  Keep my share of eating out to under $75. Hmm, forgot about this one!  It is at $86, which is better than last month.

3.  No new clothes. Fail. But it was very minimal.  I got one cheap top for going out and a low cost button up short sleeve shirt.  Also cheap, but both are very cute.  Less than $25 here.  I spent more in this category because I brought some pants in for dry cleaning.

4.  Update blog with finance related topics 2 times each week. Finance related might be a stretch, but otherwise, YES!

5.  Get my name changed at all my financial institutions. Yes! Ok, I haven’t done my main bank, but I will before the month is over.  I sent in the rest of the requests, I’m not sure they have all made the updates yet.

6.  Finish thank you notes. YES!

7.  Book Honeymoon flights. Yes!!!!!!!!!!   So thrilled!

Net Worth:

I can never seem to figure out what is going on with my cash accounts – in theory they should stay flat since I don’t count my “short term savings” for travel, insurance, etc.  But they have been all over the place!  I need to investigate.Anyway,  as of yesterday, I was at $67,394, but that didn’t take into yesterday’s stock market drop.  I’ll do a final update tonight!

It feels like my networth has been bouncing around here for quite some time, despite my diligent retirement savings.  Frustrating!

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