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Running success (or… failed summit)

August 16, 2010

Our second summit of Mt. San Jacinto was planned for Saturday.  We woke up super early, picked up our friends, got a camping permit, and hit the trail around 10 a.m.

Unfortunately, we had to turn back around 1 p.m.   Our friend got a migraine (perhaps altitude induced, it’s hard to know) and she was nauseous and in severe discomfort, so we had to turn back.  Our overnight backpacking trip turned into a 6 mile day hike with really heavy packs!  I think she felt really bad (as in guilty, not just ill), but honestly, I don’t think anyone minded.  We’ll try again some other time!  Maybe – the last 8 miles on an unpaved road to the trailhead were a nightmare!  I don’t just mean your normal dirt road – incredibly bumpy, severe potholes, lots of large rocks to avoid , and of course, winding.

Instead, we came back to town and met a friend we hadn’t seen since he was in our wedding (in April!) for dinner at Tender Greens in Culver City.  He was full of stories of his recent adventures in Europe, and a nice evening was had by all.

Finance wise… we wasted $20 on the camping permits, used about a full tank of gas ($40), and a fair amount of backpacking food (most of which we can use later), then spent about $30 on dinner.

I was a little worried about making my planned 6 mile run Sunday considering I was supposed to hike all weekend, but since our trip was cut short, it was no problem.  In fact, it was a really great run!  I forced myself to go quite slow, as all the plans I’ve looked at talk about the weekly “long runs” being slow in order to prevent over training and injury.  It makes sense, but I’m not used to holding back!

I’m attempting to pay more attention to eating right after runs to prevent the same crash I had last time I started training.  Any runners with favorite post-run meals, feel free to recommend!  I’m fine with straight up peanut butter on whole wheat, but is that enough?  What do you like?

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