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September 8, 2010

The trip was absolutely amazing!

Being the person I am (unwilling to sacrifice a day of vacation for sanity), I was back at work 12 hours after I landed and have been recovering ever since.  I have a slight cold  with a side of jet lag, but am fighting through to make it to Friday!   Work is already crazy busy in a good way, but I wish I could have some sleep.

Finance wise, we were definitely a bit over budget, but nothing we can’t handle.  We brought $675 USD worth of euro, and withdrew another $600+ USD (in euro) while we were there for food, local transportation, and general spending money.  So… yeah, we ate well!  🙂  I had planned on closer to $1000 total in spending money, so I was off.

Our last big travel adventure was in Asia (mainly Thailand and china), so it was quite different this time, since everything was much (much much!) more expensive.  But I was expecting it, and we didn’t exactly hold back (too much) on yummy foods and wine.  Wonderful time, really.  More details later, and maybe some photos too!

I’m sort of looking forward to getting back to a much more normal (frugal) budget, and relieved that all the spending is over.

Also, I really wanted to go for a run tonight, but with my cold, I know I probably shouldn’t push it and should catch up on my Mad Men instead (season pass via itunes, we get our TV legally!).  I swear this is not an excuse to not run!

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  1. September 8, 2010 3:43 pm

    I felt the same way when I returned.

    I was like: OH THANK GOODNESS I can tone down on the spending!

    🙂 Glad to hear you had a good time

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