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September Goal Results

October 1, 2010

1.  Make October goals before October starts: Ooops.  Well, it’s only the 1st – I’ll do them this weekend!

2.  Bring lunch 4/5 days a week: I did this week and last, but not before that.  So, fail, but I’m now on the right track and back in the habit!

3.  Cook something new: I made several!  Tequila Lime Chicken burrito bowls, penne with goat cheese, arugula and tomoatoes, whole wheat spaghetti with chard, penne with walnuts and brocooli rabe, veggie pizza.

4.  Reconcile Travel budget: Welll…. I declared a clean slate instead! But fail.

5.  Stick to running plan: Yes, for the most part!  I’m going to call tihs a win!

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  1. Sheri permalink
    October 1, 2010 1:46 pm

    Can you send me the receipe for the tequilla burrito bowl? Sounds delicious!

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