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Budget Survey

October 19, 2010

Serendipity is having a budget survey turned giveaway at her blog.  Since I’m a sucker for both surveys and giveaways, I thought I’d enter by posting my results here.  Check out her blog for some other answers, and to answer for yourself yourself! 

1. Do you actively follow a budget? I will say yes, even though it’s more of a “sort of”.  I write down my budget, but I really don’t follow it and simply add more money to categories if I run out.

2. Do you use any budgeting software such as Mint, Quicken, etc? No.

3. What percentage ( or amount ) of your money is divided up into expense and variable expenses? Fixed is about 20% (rent, cable, internet, utilities, student loan, insurance).  Note that I’m using my GROSS income to start, and about 25% of that goes to taxes.  Variable is the rest, which includes savings

4. How much of your budget is spent on living expenses ( rent, utilities)? 18%

5. How much is spent on auto expenses/ transportation ( payment, insurance,gas, toll fees, bus passes) ? 3%

6. How much of your income is spent on the following categories:

  • A. Alcohol – 1%  (estimated, do not explicitly track)
  • B. Eating Out – 3.25%
  • C. Shopping ( books, clothes, wants not needs) – 2.5%
  • D. Debt Repayment – 2%
  • E. Entertainment – 1% (estimated, often falls under misc, fitness, or restaurants)

7. Does following a budget make you feel anxious or more in control of your financial well-being? Yes, except that I don’t actually follow it!

8. Age? 28

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