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Redeemed United Ticket Vouchers

November 5, 2010

This week T had to go to the airport (and I was the lucky woman who dropped him off at 5:30!).  We took the opportunity to redeem our two $400 vouchers for United Airlines.

I usually start thinking about Christmas travel in August or so, but since we had to physically go to the airport to redeem these, we put it off.  Tickets were an ungodly $500 each (they typically are still $400 for non-holiday travel), so we ended up paying $100 each out of pocket for a week in the Midwest.

It turns out, you can also redeem them by making your reservation on the phone and either bringing in the vouchers or maybe even mailing them in.  Nowhere on the ticket voucher does it say this, nor anywhere on United’s website.

I also booked tickets for a Thursday-Sunday trip to see my family in late January.  T complained a little, because we had said we were going to his family for Christmas this year, and mine next year.  I pointed out I’ve always gone home more than once a year, and I’d like to continue to do so.  Even though I said he could opt out, he agreed to come.  My hometown is FABULOUS in January.  (Just kidding.  It is insanely cold that time of year.)  That was another $340 for both of us, and I put it all on my card.

$440 from the travel fund already this month!  I thought I said I was done with my crazy travel spending!

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