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Health Insurance for 2011

December 8, 2010

After discussing it, T and I decided that no, it wasn’t worth the extra money to keep our current health plan.  My doctor is great, but I spend less than an hour in doctors offices each year.  So we opted for the free plan.

Two days after open enrollment ended, T got news that his cast wasn’t coming off this week like we thought.  He needs 4 more weeks of healing, then he may need minor surgery if things still aren’t looking good.  Oh no!   When he told me he had his next appointment on January 3rd, it occurred to me that we would have our new insurance policy by then.  Oh no again!

In theory, we were both okay with switching insurance for 2011.   As obvious as it seems now, it never occurred to us that we would have to be switching in the middle of his orthopedic disaster!

I called my benefits plan and asked if they could help.  Luckily, they said I could have a one-time exception to the open enrollment deadline!  I think my total cost per a month is something like $50 for both of us, compared to FREE.  I’m disappointed at the increase in cost, but if T ends up needing surgery, this really was the best choice.

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  1. December 9, 2010 5:26 pm

    Yeah- good call switching back. The health insurance bill is probably the one I hate paying the most. Being only 24 I rarely see a doctor, but I’ll sure be glad I have it if the circumstances ever call for it.

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