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My 2nd 10k race

December 20, 2010

Can I just say that I have fallen in love with racing?  I’m never going to win anything (except a finisher medal), and pretty soon I won’t be able to PR each time (easier if you only have run 3 races at 2 distances), but… for now, I am in love.

I ran another 10k this month.  The weather was perfect, the runners were festive (I didn’t have anything festive, unfortunately) and it went really well.  I was around 8 minutes faster than my first 10k (which admittedly was a pretty bad day/race for me) and exceeded both my goal and my expectations!

I ran negative splits pretty much the whole race.  I hold too much back in the beginning.  I’m afraid of crashing and unsure what my “race pace” really is.  Like a good personal finance blogger, I save a little during the first few miles and don’t really push it until the race is 2/3’s over.  This isn’t to say I’m not THRILLED with my time and my improvement (I am!), but I’m learning what I really am capable of.  And I’ve been underestimating myself!  What a great lesson to learn!

I ran negative splits during my half marathon too, with my final mile being faster than my first by nearly 3 minutes/mile!   (The rest weren’t so drastic and that mile did have a nice downhill on it.)

Anyway, it was a great race, and I’m thrilled!  I’m looking forward to trying to beat my PR sometime in 2011.  And maybe run my first 5k (automatic PR!) since I totally skipped that distance!

Marathon training starts really really soon, but I did sign up for a trail run early next year.  Have any of you done any trail runs? Do I really need to get trail runners, or will my regular shoes do?

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  1. December 20, 2010 4:48 am

    Well grats on knocking it down 8 minutes! I swam the 500 free twice in high school in one season – I had never considered myself a distance swimmer, but I think my coaches were trying to find something I was good at. Unfortunately, I blew it. The first time I swam it, I kinda sucked, but having zero experience in such a distance, that was to be expected. The second time I swam it, I had set a goal to shave a minute off my time, but – like I said, I blew it. I actually managed to ADD 30 seconds, and for the same reason as yours – I saved too much in the beginning, and only really started to push myself probably 1/3 away from the finish. My splits still looked perfect, though – fast start, slow middle, fast finish, but man did I piss myself off with that lackluster performance. For all I know, I could’ve been a great distance swimmer, but I never got the chance to swim the 500 again.

  2. December 20, 2010 9:15 am

    I love running/racing too! Mostly because I’m only competing with myself. Trail shoes are a good investment but your regular sneakers will do just fine as long as they are still in good running condition.

  3. December 20, 2010 10:00 am

    I used to only do trail running when my shin splints got to be too bad that I couldn’t run on pavement or the treadmill anymore. Getting actual trail runners is dependent on what kind of trail you’re running on. If it’s mostly flat, you’re probably okay with just your current runners. But if it’s hilly or there are roots, rocks or slippery areas, I would suggest trail runners. You’ll get more traction with them, which will lead to faster running and a smaller chance for injury.

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