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2010 Goals Wrap-up

December 22, 2010

1.  Advocate for another promotion
Win!  Actually, I really didn’t have to do much, my manager advocated for me pretty strongly.  Unfortunately, it didn’t go through, but I don’t think there was anything more my manager or I could have done.  BOOO.  I’m waiting to see what my raise is (very early 2011) to figure out my next move.

2.  Save at least 18k in my retirement accounts
Win!  I saved much more than this, nearly maxing out my 401k (I fell just short due to a math error) and my Roth IRA.  T also maxed his Roth IRA.

3.  Save $15k in cash funds
Fail!  Between the wedding and honeymoon and increasing retirement savings by $3.5k, I saved less.  Fortunately, T saved quite a bit of cash.  I really need to do some combined goals in 2011.

4.  Go on 10+ day hikes and 5+ overnight backpacking trips
Fail.  Status here.  Not quite.  T’s broken arm has put a damper on our winter hikes, and we just didn’t get out as much.  Boo!  Next year I’ll list out specific hikes to get me more planned.

5.  Continue to create and maintain an active and healthy lifestyle:
Win!  I’ve really improved in my running this year, and I think I’ve improved my eating habits too.  More veggies, better breakfasts (oats instead of cereal) and more variety in general.

6.  Spend less than $1000 on clothes while building a wardrobe I love
Fail.  Probably.  I didn’t track all my spending in detail this year (whooops) but based on my earlier review and my knowledge of things I bought since then, I went a bit over.  I do think I’ve done a much better job at choosing clothes I like that fit my lifestyle and budget.  I also have built up a solid “base” of wardrobe essentials that I can wear year after year.  Which leaves more room for fun stuff!


I typically set achievable yearly goals, and do well on them.  This year I pulled some numbers out of a hat, and I just couldn’t meet them.  For my 2011 goals, I’m going to be careful.  But I find it uninspiring to totally kill all my goals.  It is hard to find a balance!

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