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(Rest of) February Goals

February 11, 2011

These are less lofty goals and more a glorified to-do list.  February is a short month, but so far, quite busy!  Running is taking up all my free time, and work is probably the craziest it has been for a long long time.

Finish book in time to attend book club (I’m on chapter 2…)
Schedule second dinner date with friend (she was my running buddy until she sprained her ankle, so we’ve switched to food)
Roller disco?  A friend keeps bringing it up, so if it happens, we shall go!
Night away with T in wine country!  I’m thinking Paso Robles, but I told him to be in charge of booking… so T, don’t make me fail this one!


Run lots and lots, stick to training plan
Schedule 2 training races
Hike?  I have been having a hard time getting hiking in with all the running!

Max out T’s Roth IRA for 2010
Figure out the status of E-fund and determine what goal should be
Ditto with all other savings funds!
Enter taxes into a second program to compare results with TaxAct.  Then file them.

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