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Weekend To Do

May 7, 2011

After months of spending every Sunday morning on a long run and being dead tired after, I’m excited for a weekend to relax & get some things done around our apartment.   Honestly, I let some stuff slide a bit more than usual when I was training for my marathon, and now it is time to get things back under control!

We’re planning on laying low and keeping the spending to a minimum.  We’ve been in the habit of getting restaurant food basically whenever we want it, and I”d like to scale that back a bit.

To do this weekend:

  • Hike!  Yes! 
  • Tour the Stahl house (so excited for this!)
  • Return clothes to Nordstrom (bought stuff online in 2 sizes & need to return 1)
  • Return clothes to Banana Republic (bought stuff online in 2 sizes & need to return 1)
  • Get photos taken for Russia visa and T’s passport renewal
  • Clean: bathroom, kitchen, laundry  (5 loads – can you believe we even had that much dirty stuff?)
  • Short, easy run
  • Work out budget for Russia/Norway & skype with friend in Norway
  • Mark down dates for the Mt. Whitney hike on my calendar – I can’t remember what dates we put on our permit – and schedule any other overnight backpacking trips
  • Call AT&T to ask about ap charge (pleeeeeeease do this for me T!)
  • Write a real blog post that isn’t a to do list….
  • Cook tofu?  Maybe?

To NOT do this weekend:

  • Go out to eat at a restaurant
  • Buy anything except maybe groceries
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