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May Goal Results

May 31, 2011

Seeing how I set my goals about 14 days ago, it was not super hard to achieve most of them!

Follow running schedule to train for a June 5k.  Fail!  I ran very minimally, which I’m giving myself a pass for since it was my marathon recovery month.  Next month, back on track!

Finish book (ok, cheating, I already did this) and go to book club.  Yes!  Win!  I not only read my book club book (meh), but I read a few others.   I’m officially a reader again, and it feels fabulous!

Hike every weekend Yes!  Week 3 was a little weak because my friend had a recovering ankle and I wasn’t so good at route finding without T (I have no sense of direction).  But still, I hiked every weekend, including two hikes memorial day weekend in Yosemite.

Eat out once/week or less.  Work lunches don’t count if they are the $2.50 6 inch sub variety.  We’ve been doing so much better on this!  I’m counting this as a win – we did do this, with the exception of vacation.  We spent $122 LESS on eating out in May than we did in April, which is really because April was out of control.  Still, this is progress.

Book Europe ticket. Yes!  We are booked!  And I ran my vacation plans by one of my managers, and there are no problems.  So excited.

Complete Errands: OMG I did all my errands.  Except one.

  • Dry clean pants
  • Get boots fixed
  • Return T’s BR pants
  • Get new face lotion
  • Schedule T and I dentist appointments
  • Deposit Jury Duty check
  • File for FSA reimbursement for my contacts I got
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