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June 2011 Goals

June 3, 2011

I’m not exactly sure what I want to do with this month.

I asked if someone would make some goals for me, but Add Vodka only gave me one:  make some June goals!  Ha.  My main three focuses this month are fitness, career, and reading.  The first two are pretty typical for me, but reading only recently has become a favorite hobby again.


  1. Run 4 x a week (2 times this week only)
  2. Attend 4 yoga classes (with my Groupon)
  3. Strength train of some sort 4 x a week (2 times this week).  I’d really like to be doing this more often, but it is something I have a really hard time making myself do.
  4. Share at least 2 healthy recipes on blog.


The big picture of this doesn’t fit nicely into a little list.  Basically, things have suddenly gotten quite awesome at work in a variety of ways, and I need to keep working hard to impress people and show my capabilities.  That is really the most important part.  In addition to my real To Do list & responsibilities at work, I want to:

  1. Ask about mentoring opportunity.  I was invited to a random meeting last week, a small focus group on improving the way we work.  It was hosted by the highest ranked female in all of the Southern California (at as far as I understand it at least… on one side of our parallel convoluted org charts).  Afterward, the admin assistant encouraged me to ask about joining one of her mentor groups.  I hope this works out!  There have been so few female role models in my career, and this would be a really great opportunity.
  2. Attend 2 lunch time seminars (already signed up for)
  3. Get lunch with helpful coworker.  He’s nice, he has family in my home state, and he’s very willing to chat about career development stuff.


  1. Finish the 3 books I’m in the middle of.  The only one I’ll have trouble with is the one I’ve been in the middle of for 3 months!
  2. Find a new book, maybe on set in russia or norway to get inspired!
  3. Attend book club

Finances:  Because this is allegedly a pf blog…

  1. Redo 2011 goals, now that we have a really good idea of what is going to happen through at least December
  2. Pack lunch at least 3 times a week to get back in the habit

To Do List:  easy stuff that I don’t want to forget

  1. Pick up boots at repair shop
  2. Buy mother’s & father’s day presents to bring home with me
  3. Take some photos of Venice Beach for my mom
  4. Send father’s day cards (on time!)
  5. Dentist appointments for T and I
  6. Finish booking tickets & lodging for August vacation
  7. Organize a backpacking or camping trip with friends


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  1. June 3, 2011 7:58 am

    Re books – maybe set in Russia – have you read the Bronze Horseman (novel by Paullina Simons)? It’s set in St Petersburg during WW2 and is the first in a trilogy. It’s a bit of romance read but talks of St P’s a lot and is what made me want to go there. Worth a look maybe? (it’s nothing if not easy reading with a historical setting).

    I’m now reading Rapsutin’s Daughter, another novel set in Russia but it’s proving hard to get into.

    Good luck with your other goals as well

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