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June Goal Results

July 9, 2011

I’m not the only one who waited until well into July to check up on my goals for June.

Looking back on June, I felt like it was a pretty good month.  But once I went through the things I had thought I might do… I realized I slacked just a little bit, especially in the fitness area.  But really, all around.  I can’t think of any really good reasons either.  Ooops!


  1. Run 4 x a week (2 times this week only):  No, but I did run quite a bit more than last month and set up my next goal.  So progress.  But no.
  2. Attend 4 yoga classes (with my Groupon):  Hmm, 0% here. Fail for sure
  3. Strength train of some sort 4 x a week (2 times this week): No.  I did this for about 1 week.  Strength training is SO boring, but always makes me feel so powerful!
  4. Share at least 2 healthy recipes on blog.  Wow.  So this whole section was a fail.  Very nice!


The big picture of this doesn’t fit nicely into a little list.  Basically, things have suddenly gotten quite awesome at work in a variety of ways, and I need to keep working hard to impress people and show my capabilities.  That is really the most important part.  In addition to my real To Do list & responsibilities at work, I want to:

  1. Ask about mentoring opportunity. Yes!   This was so much easier than I made it out to be.  I asked, I received!   So what is this?  A group monthly lunch meeting with someone several levels up on the program management side.  I chose to join the women only one.  Strictly for networking, the mixed group may have been better, but I’ll be most comfortable in this setting and I’m always looking to meet like minded females in my industry.  I see enough men every day.  This month we talked about career paths and skills needed to get there.  It was a similar topic to with another meeting I went to with my boss’s boss the previous month, but different perspectives.
  2. Attend 2 lunch time seminars (already signed up for):  I’m giving this a pass, but I actually missed one because we were having a meeting that went long, so I missed it.  The other one was pretty good.
  3. Get lunch with helpful coworker.  Shoot, forgot about this one.  And this was supposed to be the easy one!


  1. Finish the 3 books I’m in the middle of Yes!  And more!  For the curious, I listed & did mini-reviews here.
  2. Find a new book, See above.
  3. Attend book club:  No, mostly because I couldn’t get my schedule together.  I did finish the book in time, for once!

Finances:  Because this is allegedly a pf blog…

  1. Redo 2011 goals, now that we have a really good idea of what is going to happen through at least December.  To my credit, I really TRIED.  T and I discussed his projected monthly income, which goes something like…  $7k, $4k, $10k, $0, $0, $8k… (example numbers.. but he’s paid bi-weekly now, and then quarterly starting in the fall).  While he accepts my desire for savings “funds” for unique things, he doesn’t quite have the same view.  He doesn’t understand why I don’t want to count income that we’ll have to use later this year (like in October when he’ll have NO income) as “savings”.  He doesn’t understand why I want to project our end of year account balances.  He’s willing to go along with it, but it is no fun to make joint goals without his buy-in!  So I think… I’m willing… to not set the goals.  Our goals will simply to be max out our retirements and save as much cash as we can after that.
  2. Pack lunch at least 3 times a week to get back in the habit:  I did better at this, but I am quite sure one week I didn’t pack it at all.  Oops.

To Do List:  easy stuff that I don’t want to forget

  1. Pick up boots at repair shop
  2. Buy mother’s & father’s day presents to bring home with me
  3. Take some photos of Venice Beach for my mom
  4. Send father’s day cards (on time!)
  5. Dentist appointments for T and I
  6. Finish booking tickets & lodging for August vacation
  7. Organize a backpacking or camping trip with friends
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