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July Goals

July 11, 2011

After last month’s failure, perhaps I should try not to be too ambitious?  Especially considering it is the 10th, and I leave on vacation on the 29th, and I’m way stressed at work…  Really, just keeping everything together at work and escaping the country for a 16 day vacation will make me consider this month a success.

Get it all together at work I don’t think it is really a big deal to be gone for 2 weeks, but I have 50124 loose ends I’d like to tie up before I go.  Things are going really well and I have a lot going on, so now is really, truly an opportunity to shine.  If I can just find the energy to do so!

Complete a long run (6+ miles) every weekend I’m home.    I’m hoping to kick some butt (my own time from last year) in a fall half-marathon and I’ve been missing my marathon level endurance.

Backpacking trip – Kind of silly to put this here, since if T doesn’t make it happen, I know it won’t.  Just an overnighter, maybe San Jacinto?

Share 3 recipes.  I’m really going to do this!

Have meaningful mid-year review conversations.  I suppose it will be hard to fail this one, but that’s ok.  Career development has been a big topic on my mind lately, and while I really have almost no answers/ideas/direction, I at least have some questions, thoughts, and things my manager might be able to help with.

Track spending.  This is all I’m going to do for pure financial goals, because I’m too exhausted to think of what we will actually be able to handle.  Probably not much, considering we’ll be withdrawing cash to spend on vacation.

Pack lunch 3x+ a week.  Important, but still not a habit.

Read 4 books.  I don’t think I’ll have quite as much time to read as I did last month, so I’ll go with 4.

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