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Half Dome Hike

September 23, 2011

Since it is Friday, I want to share this photo from last weekend with you.  My husband and I and 5 friends went to Yosemite and hiked Half Dome!

T and I were the most avid hikers of the group, but the other 5 are all really amazing athletes, and I was for sure the “weakest link” hiker of the group.  Still, we all made it!

The cables?  I did not find them so scary, but many people do.  I guess it depends on your fear of heights.  T refused to go out on the ledge and pose for a photo, but I was the first one to crawl out there.  They were steep, they were challenging, but I found them totally doable.

Including the walk to the trail head from where we parked, it was about a 20 mile hike.  That is definitely the furthest I’ve gone in a day, but it did not feel like the hardest hike I’ve ever done.  Our backpacking trips have had days of ~14 miles, and when you are carrying 25 – 30 pounds, it makes a huge difference.   Note – I much prefer shorter backpacking days with long afternoons to chill in the beauty of California – 14 mile days are usually T’s idea and I always am annoyed with them!

This was our last big adventure of the summer, though I want to do a quick overnight backpack soon, and I’m sure I’ll be planning new adventures before I know it!

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  1. September 23, 2011 7:56 am

    That is crazy high! I love hiking but the heights definitely do get to me! Looks like a great time though.

  2. September 23, 2011 8:16 pm

    wow! That’s amazing! Half dome is on my bucket list.

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