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September Goal Results

October 1, 2011


  • Activate yoga Groupon & use minimum of 2 times – FAIL.  I’m just not a yoga person, but I’m refusing to let this go to waste.  I have 2 months to use it 10 times.
  • Schedule boot camp Groupon (I’m hoping for November for this) – Partial Credit Ooops, I have to return their call!  But I started the process
  • Run 40 miles  Win!  Not including hiking 20 miles and backpacking for about 45.  I’m pretty impressed with myself, actually
  • Hike Half Dome (!!!!!)  Win!  It was awesome


  • Buy work lunch < 1 time per a week Win! 
  • Evaluate current status & year end goals Fail – I think I’m just going to let the year end… 🙂
  • Get a promotion and raise Fail – but I’m still waiting.  So annoyed.  It will happen, just a matter of time
  • Start looking at Christmas flights Win! But I probably should just book them


  • Read 4 books, including one development book. Win! 
  • Send family birthday presents & cards ON TIME Win!  This is a pretty big deal for me.  On time is relative, but this is the best I’ve done in awhile.
  • Schedule dentist appointment, mani/pedi, and eyebrow wax – Partial Credit I really tried on the appointment, but the place I called didn’t take my insurance (despite finding them through my insurance website)
  • Buy a reading lamp that mounts on the wall Fail – does anyone know where to buy these besides IKEA?  I guess I might have to make a trip to IKEA.
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