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Travel Tuesday: St. Petersburg, Peter & Paul Fortress & Food

October 4, 2011

By my last day in Saint Petersburg, I had done most of my “must do” list, so I went off to visit Peter and Paul Fortress.

I bought what I thought was an “all access pass”, but it really was just a group of 5 exhibits.  Russian tourism is infuriating – each exhibit has it’s own entrance fee, and they all seem overpriced.   I headed straight for the bell tower and was surprised to realize that the coffins of Peter the Great and Catherine the Great were located here.  That shows how much I knew about this tourist attraction before showing up!

The fortress was neat – like a miniature city, sort of like the Forbidden City in Beijing, though probably a lot smaller.  I only went to a few more exhibits before tiring out and leaving.

For lunch I had blini – one ham and cheese and a chocolate banana for a treat – delicious!  After lunch, I walked along  near the university, Dvortsovyy bridge, and along the northwest edge of the Neva.  I walked from the metro stop to the Strelka, and stumbled across 3-4 different wedding parties performing various traditions, like breaking champagne glasses on a statue.  It was a random Thursday – weddings there seemed to be much more intimate than the giant parties we have here!

Dinner was a banquet at the conference, complete with live Russian singing/dancing and four different beverage glasses, of which I used them all.  The appetizers were all traditional Russian, but the entrees were not (probably for the best, really).   This was a really neat experience and I’m so glad T got me a ticket to go!

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