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Spending by the Seasons

October 6, 2011

Every time a new season starts, I optimistically like to think that two things will happen. I’ll be just a little bit less busy for awhile and life will be a little bit cheaper for awhile.

However, this almost never happens.  I’m always busy, because I love being busy and I schedule things for myself if I see too much open space on my calendar.   And money?  Something always seems to pop up!

Summer:  Vacation time!  While vacations can happen any season, summer has typically been when we’ve gone on lots of big trips and small trips alike.  When we are in town, it is easy to indulge in patios, happy hours, and all the fun summer activity.

Fall:  Fall is usually fairly inexpensive, except for flights  for Christmas are typically bought and we usually make a driving trip around thanksgiving time.  Then there is Halloween costumes and celebrations, several family birthdays, and an endless supply of pumpkin lattes.  (Just kidding!  Despite everyone’s obsession, flavored latte’s are too sugary and do nothing for me.

Winter:  Christmas!  Need I say more?  Flights, presents, and meeting up with friends.  It never fails to be an expensive season.

Spring:  This is the one season that actually tends to be a little cheaper.  This year I spent most of my spring running like mad for marathon training and barely had time to spend money (on non-running related things).  Next spring, (hopefully) T will be going on a lot of interviews.  These won’t be paid for by us, but he will probably need some new interview clothes.

What about you?  Are you hoping for a frugal fall?  What seasons are expensive for you?

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  1. October 6, 2011 5:08 pm

    Summer is usually the most expensive for me for some reason. It’s probably because my socializing expenses go up and I always forget to plan for them. Winter is expensive too, but I know that going into it so I tend to behave myself better. This next few months is going to be painful though: 3 baby showers, mom’s 50th birthday, dad’s birthday, Christmas, my boyfriend and I’s anniversary and his birthday all fit into about a 3.5 month stretch!

  2. October 7, 2011 7:34 am

    My spending goes all year round apparently. I spend the most in the later months, I think. There is something about a budget nearing its end of the fiscal year that makes me go wild.

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