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October Wrap-Up

October 31, 2011

In general, the month was a failure.  I didn’t do that well on my goals.  For the first time in several months, I didn’t track my spending.  I didn’t blog for nearly 2 weeks and I didn’t feel like doing ANYTHING for over a week in there.

On the positive stuff, some stuff got done, I didn’t spend much/anything on clothes, and I made some really delicious food.  I made it through a big push of a long task at work (only to get another one!), and I made time to talk to some interesting people on the job.

Here’s how I did on my goals.


  • Maximum of one work lunch out a week:  Fail, at least last week.  First 2 weeks were good.
  • Reduce restaurant spending:  Fail, and also, did not track!
  • Complete year-end financial projections:  Fail.  Ug.


  • Run two 10k races
  • Run average of 20 miles a week – I got in 60 miles, so I’ll call this good, even though I had 5 weekends to do it.  I spent one weekend backpacking
  • Do a long run of at least 13 miles Fail.   Only made it to 10.
  • Do at least one run with a local group: I was all set to do this yesterday, but T didn’t know I needed the car and was washing it.  Ug!
  • Backpacking trip!  Yes!
  • Try out rockclimbing – Yes! fun!


  • Use my lunch hour plan:  No, not really, except for the first week.
  • Speak with mentor #2 about plans for the next several months:  I didn’t do this.  Maybe today?  He was out for a week, but that isn’t a good excuse
  • Attend volunteer event & follow up with other place:  Yes!  The second place is not being responsive, so I might have to move onto something else.


  • Return sweater
  • Find a dentist that will take my stupid insurance – why is this so hard?
  • Hair appointment, manicure, eye brows (trying to stay professional looking here)
  • Book Christmas tickets
  • Attend baby shower w/gift
  • Attend book club
  • Finish Halloween costume
  • Read 4 books
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