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November 2011 Goals

November 2, 2011

After the huge fail that was last month, I’m going to set my bar a little lower this month.

  1. Track Spending:  I totally fell off the tracking last month!
  2. Run 20 miles a week in preparation for half marathon (except for backpacking weekend):  Unfortunately, I think it is time to join a gym for the winter.  Sad!
  3. Buy/make 4-5 Christmas presents:  The holidays always sneak up on me!  Also, decide whether we want to do Christmas cards.  We usually don’t, but I do love getting them from friends and family.
  4. Be a good host:  T’s mom is staying with us for a week.  I need to be sure to have things like food on hand, not have a dirty bathroom and too much laundry, and have some ideas for activities planned.  Exciting!
  5. Backpacking thanksgiving trip:  We always talk about this, but have never actually done one.  I found a nice trip  that won’t be covered in snow in late November, and I’m determined!

I think that’s it.  I’m in the middle of two books I want to finish, I have some stuff going on at work, I have a volunteer thing next week, and other life stuff.  But I’ll let that kind of thing off for now.  Most of that I have no choice about doing.

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