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November Wrap-Up & December Goals

December 4, 2011

November Goal Results

  1. Track Spending:  No.  I have an idea that I’m going to go back reconcile everything, but… I think I need to declare clean slate and start over.  This is so unlike me!
  2. Run 20 miles a week YES, I did great on this one.  I ran over 100 miles in the month, just about 25 miles a week.
  3. Buy/make 4-5 Christmas presents:  No, so far I’ve done 2 out of many.
  4. Be a good host:  Debatable, but I’ll give myself green for this.
  5. Backpacking thanksgiving trip:  No, we bailed on this and had a traditional turkey day with relatives instead.

December Goals

These are not very exciting, which is why I am just tacking them on here rather than putting a new post for them.  However, one of them is to write more content for the blog – so more to come!

  1. Finish Anna Karenina:  I’m obsessed with my new Kindle and have been reading a ton and I always read lots on breaks, so that’s great.  But I want to finish this book – it is so long!
  2. Track Spending:  I will not give up on this!
  3. Run lots and lots (i.e. 90%+ of training plan):  I should hit 900 for the year this month!
  4. Two more times eating out before leaving LA:   We started off the month on a bad note.  This won’t include when we go home for Christmas
  5. Write 2 blog posts a week:  Because I really miss this!
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