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2011 Goals: How did I do?

January 3, 2012

You guys, 2011 was an AMAZING year for me in so many areas of life.  The years just keep getting better and better.  That being said, I didn’t do well at setting and acheiving goals, particularly financial ones.  I didn’t track my spending well.  I wasn’t diligent about spending and saving.  I regret that, and I think 2012 will be much better.  Here is how I did last year.

Financial Savings:

You can see what I proposed here.  Essentially, my goals were to max out our retirement accounts and to increase our savings to a “TBD” amount, and the TBD was never actually determined.  On one hand, not properly setting goals was kind of a fail and I think we are worse off for that.  I’ll do better in 2012.  On the other hand, since I set such crappy goals, I think I can call this a win!  Ha.

Financial Spending/Minimalism: These go hand in hand with the savings goals, but I’d like to break out a few specific challenges

  1. Don’t eat out in January, except socially (which we have been doing so often that it shouldn’t even be that hard) – Pretty sure we failed this.
  2. Buy no new clothes in February. Failed this one (dumb, because how hard is that?)
  3. Keep total clothing spending under $400 January – June.  DONE
  4. Sell one bike (we have 3 in our home right now!) DONE

The moral of the story in this category is:  “Don’t set goals you don’t really care that much about.” Alternatively, it could be “If you set a goal, make it a point to care about the outcome!”  Either way, I have some thinking to do on this category for next year.


  1. Run 1000 miles in 2011! Despite my fail at tracking in the sidebar, I am at about 920 miles.  Fail, but still a great effort!
  2. Complete first marathon, injury-free DONE
  3. Improve 10k race time by 5 minutes – Wow, that was ambitious of me.  No, I only improved by about 2.5 minutes.
  4. Take yoga class 2 times  a month – no, running was my priority
  5. Run 6 races, including a trail run –Yes!  Two trail races, two half marathons, a 10k, a 5k, and a marathon.
  6. Try a new sport/activity – Yes!  We went caving for the first time!  And glacier hiking.  And rock climbing, once.


  1. Visit Yosemite front country. Done!
  2. Go on 8 day hikes – Yes!  Nine!
    • Sycamore Canyon in May
    • Mt. Baldy attempt in May
    • Hike near eagle rock
    • Mist trail in yosemite (to nevada falls)
    • Hike to the top of upper yosemite falls
    • Hike to Mt Floyen in Norway
    • Hike from Urkein to Floyen in Norway
    • Half Dome
    • Linoes Trail
  3. Climb Mt. Whitney as a backpacking trip – OMG, YES!  Amazing!
  4. Go on 2+ other shorter backpacking trips – No, just one other this year.
  5. Catalina Island!   Nope, it just wasn’t a priority.

By the way, we went to Russia, Norway and Sweden, which were not in my original goals.  I killed the travel goals – you can see where my true priorities are!


  1. Read 20 books. Yes!  I read 30!
  2. Blog about 6 new recipes. Hmm, forgot about this.  I shared a few, but not 6.
  3. Consolidate finances more (close extraneous accounts).  We did move in this direction, though there are a few accounts that could still be closed.
  4. Be open to new adventures. I’ll go with yes.  It turned out T wasn’t ready to graduate yet, so this wasn’t as applicable, but I was open to whatever life threw at me in 2011.

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  1. January 3, 2012 2:14 pm

    Looks like you are in good shape to greet 2012!

  2. January 3, 2012 7:14 pm

    Sounds like you had an amazing 2011! I am super jealous of all the hiking you did. I completely agree that you have to really care about the goal itself or the expected outcome to be successful in reaching that goal.

  3. January 12, 2012 7:51 am

    Looks like you did pretty well overall in 2011! Congrats on maxing out your 401(k)! 😀

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