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Weekend Update

February 11, 2012

It’s another beautiful weekend!

I’ve been having a great time this year juggling all of my top priorities.  Work and running continue to be taking up a ton of effort, but I’m squeezing in some reading and a little bit of hanging out with my husband.  He’s been busy too, so it has been tough.  Despite how busy I feel, I’m busy with things I enjoy, so I’m really satisfied with life.  This weekend is more of the same.

(And really, it is noon and all I’ve accomplished was a run and shower, so I’m not that  really being that efficient!)


  • Run 4-6 miles (hopefully 6)
  • Run Errands (REI, eye doctor, etc.)
  • Go in to work for 4 hours (trying to catch up & bank some flex time so I can have president’s day off) 😦
  • Start photobook for T’s grandma
  • Skype with sister & her kids!
  • Read!


  • Run 18 miles
  • Blog a little about something more substantial than my weekend!
  • Read!


  • Set calendar notification for when we have to book our backpacking permits
  • Find my health savings account (not health spending account) and check balance
  • Reconcile spending
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