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April Goals

April 3, 2012
April is going to be an interesting and busy month at work.  I got pulled into a new effort, and while I’m honestly not sure what I have to contribute, I’m working with some of the best and brightest in our company on a really important effort.  To be clear, I get to be involved for a variety of reason, but not because I’m the best & brightest.  (Maybe I will be someday, but these people all have decades of solid experience.)


Have an amazing month at work

This can be a goal, right?  It’s a neat thing to get pulled into and I’m excited about it.  Also, on the side, I applied for a leadership development program and my boss’s boss wants to meet with me about it, both to talk about what I want to do with it, career paths, and  help me out with the interviews.   Then there is my original project, which is in limbo, but we should have a path forward by the end of the month.
Go away with T to celebrate our anniversary
Still in planning, but we’re thinking mountains for a night or two.
Finish all planning for Alaska trip
The Denali part is as booked/planned as it can be (we want to do 1 night backcountry, and you can’t get advance permits).  I think we want to do something adventurous in the Kenai peninsula (kayak or something), so we need to figure that out, what town we are focusing on, and where we are going to stay.
Go hiking with T
I’ve been so running focused that we haven’t hiked much at all.

Go to bootcamp at least 10 times

I have a 30 day pass is good for up to 12 sessions, but I may miss a couple due to work or to wanting to sleep!
Go to yoga at least 2 times

I want to do this much more often, but with bootcamp, I just can’t juggle it.  So my efforts are minimal here.
Run at least 15 miles a week
This will have to do, but I do hope to get it a little higher!
Reduce grocery & restaurant spending compared to our first quarter average
I was surprised grocery was so high, but I also know that I have been buying whatever I want to buy at the grocery store.  It also will help simply to be more diligent about categorizing home expenses and breaking out alcohol.  Restaurants is always a struggle, but T is on board to keep fighting this.
Make homemade granola
I did this once before and burned it, and never tried again.  I think it is time to give it another shot!
Continue shopping ban
I’ve already been itching for a new spring dress and another work blouse, but… it can wait!  I’ve also been wanting to catalog my closet, but I really doubt I’ll have time for that this month.  Or ever.
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  1. April 3, 2012 8:00 am

    Good luck with your goals! We are thinking of going to Alaska, is this your first trip? Where do you recommend?

  2. April 3, 2012 10:19 am

    Good luck! I think you have some great goals here – and Alaska sounds like so much fun!

  3. April 3, 2012 3:08 pm

    If you need some advice about kenai, I can give you a bit – I was only in seward, but had an awesome time for 4 days. There was a few hikes I did, I went fishing on a charter boat one day (but that was kinda expensive, at 200 bucks for a person) and I took a boat tour of the inlet. There’s exit glacier as well, which I heard was nice but didnt have time to check out. If you’ve got other questions, feel free to drop me a line.

  4. April 4, 2012 7:15 am


    I actually bit the bullet and sorted out the best granola ever! And now it’s part of my weekly routine. Here’s a tutorial:

    Great goals for the month! I am totally with you on #1….

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