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Weekly Money Check-up

May 14, 2012

1. The most I’ve spent this last week was on groceries.  It was a low spend week and this was only $65.  I also had a $125 student loan payment auto-paid.

2. Today I am thankful for my family, especially my mom.  I’m going to see them all later this week and I am SO excited!

3. Money can’t buy happiness. One free thing I did last week that made me happy was go for a long run with my neighbor.  We did 10 miles!  It is amazing how great it feels after it is over.

4. I will consider this week a success if I get my work done, despite not having any actual days in the office.

5. My favorite Disney character is Belle, the same as Ginna.  She was smart and (sort of…) sensible, and I grew up singing the songs from Beauty and the Beast.

Weekly Money Check-Up is a weekly series on My Pretty Pennies. If you do post it on your blog, please credit MPP!

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  1. May 14, 2012 8:53 am

    Nice list I think this is somthing that everyone should do every day! 🙂

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