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May 2012 Goal Recap

June 1, 2012

May was a great month for a lot of reasons, but I didn’t do so hot on my goals.  To make this post more cheerful, I added a little list of awesome stuff prior to my goal results.

Stuff that happened, unrelated to goals:

  • I saw my family, including my adorable niece and nephew (age 3 and 5)!
  • I visited my hometown and ran a half marathon there, somehow setting another personal record.
  • I went on a work trip/conference thing in D.C.
  • My IR&D project was officially cancelled… then I was asked what type of things I might want to work on next (stretch/growth assignments), and provided with something interesting to work on.  Honestly, that isn’t the normal operating procedure at my company – so I was pleasantly surprised!
  • I got asked to help out with another interesting part-time project with totally new people, in a yet another stretch assignment (but a much more vague one).
  • I fulfilled my dream of camping on the beach at Catalina Island!

Goal Results: 

Fitness – Run 15-20 miles per a week: No, but not too bad.  My weekly mileage was: 18, 16, 13.1, 0 (recovering from race and also hiked 14 miles!), and 8 so far this week.  I’ll get up to 15 this week!

Career – Prepare interview prep document: I can hardly believe this happened in the last month.  It feels like so long ago!  Anyway, yes, I did this.  The interview went well, but I won’t find anything out until next month.

Finances/Frugal – Reduce restaurant spending to <$200:  We did really well in the middle of the month, but in the first few days and last few days, we totally blew it.  It came out at $304.  Ick.

Finances/Frugal – Keep clothing spending to <$150: I think, no, but close.  I replaced my skinny jeans after I got a hole in my old ones.  I got some miracle pants (hiking pants that don’t have a million cargo pockets and are cut basically like normal pants) and a couple low-priced summer sale items. 

Finances/Frugal – Reduce hobby spending to <$30: Yes!  I did this.  I spent about $20 on kindle books that I wanted to read, and nothing else.

Life – Finish 5 books and do a book post: I did read 5 books, but no recap post yet.   I still count this as a win, because I’m short on wins this month!

Life – Book some weekend plans with T for the rest of the year:  We didn’t  do this yet either, but I tried.  He’s talking with the people he’ll be working with next year to get some sort of better timeline… then we’ll get the dates written down.

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  1. June 1, 2012 5:32 am

    Wow I need to run as much as you! Or I just need to run…

    We need to reduce our restaurant spending as well.

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