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June 2012 Goals

June 3, 2012

1.  Track all vacation spending and do a budget post.  I am SO excited for vacation!  I just realized that the Harding Ice Field hike we wanted to do is buried under deep snow.  I should have known better – it is just barely June!   But we still have lots of other fun stuff planned!  My hope is that it is significantly less than last year’s vacation.

2.  Schedule summer/fall plans with T.  We didn’t get around to this last month, but we need to do this!   We found out he should be able to stay in the SF bay area nearly 100% of the time, even though his position is sponsored by two universities (one on the east coast).  This will make life SO MUCH easier!

3.  Start month long yoga challenge with Groupon.  I’ll only be about 2 weeks into this by month end

4.  Be a good host to T’s parents.  Clean the apartment, have food on hand, and all that  other grown up stuff.

That’s all I’m going to put for this month.  Between busy work stuff, vacation, and T’s graduation it’s going to be a pretty hectic (but AWESOME!) month.

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  1. June 3, 2012 10:37 am

    I love vacation budget posts! Looking forward to it.

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