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Money In, Money Out: Q2 2012

July 30, 2012

I did this last quarter, and while it took awhile, here is my money analyzed for April, May and June.

Income, Deductions, Taxes, 401k:

Our income this quarter will be the lowest of the 4 quarters, since T didn’t bring in any income.  He used to be paid quarterly, and he was paid just before the quarter started.  He’s now paid monthly.  I also didn’t have any bonuses or “extra” paychecks.  Totally lame.


This is all for two people.   The total was surprisingly very similar to the first quarter.  Travel spending was more, but insurance and other areas were less.  I can’t think of any upcoming major expenses the rest of the year, but they do seem to pop up!

Electronics was our new iPad and a new inkjet printer.  Hobbies included a half marathon entrance fee for me, and about $200 in art supplies for T.  He made us a giant canvas ocean painting that is now hanging above our bed!  Health was contact lenses and an eye exam, which weren’t covered since I used my benefits already.

As usual, I’d like to do better on restaurant spending, but I don’t think we are serious enough to make changes here.  We’ll see.

And here’s a visual look.

Savings (outside of 401k) and Money Summary:

Our cash savings are still weak and we are still behind pace to meet the $20k goal for the year.   Our Roth IRAs are on pace.   We’re still mostly focusing on retirement savings over cash, but once T is done with all of his education and post-doc, we’ll be able to be effective on both savings fronts.


I’d like to see some of the spending go down a bit, as usual.  Overall, I’m disappointed in our progress for 2012, yet I’m not sure where exactly would be the least painful to cut.

Again, the numbers don’t quite add up, and they are off by a lot.  This is because T was paid about $7k just before the quarter started, and we spent that this quarter.  Essentially, our checking accounts are lower than ever on cash buffers, but T’s income should be flowing in much better.

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