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July Goal Results

August 2, 2012

July was a weird month.  I started the month in a bit of a funk, but definitely got back on track in the last few weeks.  T was gone a lot on travel, and finally “moved” up to the SF Bay area this Monday.  He also just got his first paycheck from the new role, and it was higher than expected! Only because it is “summer pay” – it will go back down soon.

Work has been interesting.  My old program asked me to come back in a slightly different role.  I am considering it, but my new job is just so much more fun!   And I have my own office!  I’m working in R&D and business development, and budgets getting cut and things are a bit uncertain…  They are adamant that they want to keep me, but they also might not be able to afford to for now.  So it is nice to be wanted on my old job as well.  It would be fun to work with my old team and they’ve attempted to sell it as a more significant role.  For now, I’m just seeing how things play out.

Anyway, I did have some goals!

Run 45 miles & do some speed work each week:  I ran 54 miles!  And I took most of last week off due to family in town and feeling run down.   I’m giving myself a pass here, despite the lack of speedwork, because I did pretty awesome on mileage. 

Do Yoga 2 times a week (starting July 9):  Yes!  I may have went to yoga an hour after an 8 mile run (not a great idea!), but I did make it twice a week, each week!  And I AM IN LOVE.  🙂  Yoga = amazing!

Finish 2 books:  I figured I’d fail this, and I was right.  I basically didn’t read for the first 2-3 weeks.  I was burnt out and just not feeling it.  I finally finished Bel Canto late in the month.  I made miniscule progress on Atlas Shrugged, but that book is ridiculously long.  Good (so far), but long!  I did, however, make EXCELLENT progress on my Dawson’s Creek Netflix marathons.

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  1. belowhermeans permalink
    August 4, 2012 10:22 am

    Snaps for Netflix marathons. I am all about that.

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