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August Goal Results + September Goals

September 16, 2012

Since it is well into September, perhaps you can guess how my August goals turned out!  That isn’t to say that August wasn’t a great month in many ways, but I missed my major personal finance goal for the month.

1.  Create a real budget and stay within it:  No.  I only just finished putting my August transactions into our budget.  This was a HUGE fail.

2.  Run 70 miles:  Yes, I made it to 76!

3. Go to yoga 8 times, including one free class:  I only made it 7 times… so close!  And no free class.

4.  Read 1 book and get to at least 30% on Atlas Shrugged:  I just haven’t been reading muchlately.  Running/yoga and, uh, Dawson’s Creek is still taking up a lot of my free time.  Also, we bought and downloaded the latest season of Dexter!  Our hiking trip was more aggressive than planned, and while I carried my kindle around (up and down mountains!), I only read about 5 pages.

5.  Get our Christmas plans nailed down:  Yes!  Tickets are booked.  We paid about $800 for two tickets, and… we are flying out of Las Vegas,  then we get  a direct flight from there to T’s hometown.  All options were inconvenient and expensive, but this was the best choice.


After that bit of fail, I’m keeping this month’s goals really simple and short.  I did write these awhile back, but it is already almost half way into the month, so I already have a good idea how they are going!

1.  Reduce food spending from August:  Bring lunch every day and don’t eat out again until the end of the month when we go out of town.  This is surprisingly easy when T is out of town.

2. Go to yoga 3 times:  I’m going to be out of town a lot, so this is pretty low

3.  Get presents for September birthdays:  My baby nephew will be six (!) and my dad will be too old to politely share on a blog.  😉  I’m almost done with my nephew’s presents

4.  Update spending tracking & net worth:  I actually did most of this, but didn’t do the accounts/net worth stuff.

I’m also running a lot, but I have no idea how many miles it will be.  I built up to 32 miles this week, but this will probably be the highest.  I want to be at about 35 miles per a week by the time I start my marathon training program in November.

Stay tuned for some real posts!

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  1. September 17, 2012 11:58 pm

    You know, this whole year has been a Ma-hooo-sive fail on the create new budget front. I’d pretend it was because I got two raises but I’d be flat out lying. I barely even tried the first time and haven’t at all the second. Though, I just started the second so I still might-could. :/

    Let’s uh, wallow in that together? 🙂

    And congrats on the mega win on the running, that’s great!

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