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October Goal Results / September Goals

October 8, 2012

1.  Reduce food spending from August:  TBD.  I’ll find out once I do my quarterly spending summary.  Seeing as how I didn’t track as I went and our vacation food spending was a bit high, this is unlikely.

2. Go to yoga 3 times:  Yes!

3.  Get presents for September birthdays:  Yes!  Well…  I still have to mail one.  I’m such a failure. :/

4.  Update spending tracking & net worth:  Fail, so far, but I’ll catch up.  I think I tracked my spending through about mid September.  We haven’t updated our net worth in awhile.

October Goals

1.  PR in my half marathon:  This is kind of unlikely, given the hilly course and my mediocre training.  I’ve been focused more on building up mileage.  However, it is certainly possible!

2.  Get to 40% on Atlas Shrugged:  I was in a severe non-reading phase for approximately 3 months.  Even on planes or poolside, I just wasn’t interested in reading.  This feeling has passed, and I want to finish Atlas Shrugged and also get started on some books set in Turkey/Istanbul.  Among a million other books on my mental “must read” list.

3.  Run 20+ miles each week:  I still have a goal of 1,000 miles this year, and I think I’ll make it.  I have less than 250 to go!

4.  Take non-technical professional development class:  I’m already signed up, I just want to give myself credit for this.  🙂

5.  No new clothes, accessories, or shoes:  It’s my birthday so maybe I’ll get something cool anyway.  If not, it can wait until  November or December.  T might pick up a tie for himself if we have time.

6.  Update quarterly spending:  This just has to be done.  I may work on this tonight!

Things have been really hectic, and may continue to be hectic for about 2 more weeks.  Both of my two work projects suddenly are busy, I’m ramping up my mileage for marathon training, and we had commitments 4 weekends in a row.  (BTW, I’m totally counting a local beer festival as a “commitment”, as it took up my entire Saturday! The other 3 weekends were/are all out of town.)  I love that my job, hobbies, and social commitments have been engaging, but I’m also looking forward to a quiet weekend at home in a couple of weeks.  🙂

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  1. October 8, 2012 5:39 pm

    The miles your run are incredible. I probably do have the time to run that much but it would take away from my time with my daughter. I like to bike because I can bring her with in the bike trailer.

  2. October 12, 2012 8:04 am

    Good luck with your goals!

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