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2012 Quarterly Goal Check-up

October 23, 2012


1.  Track all Income and all Spending – on plan
Yes!  I’m so happy I’m keeping up with this again.

2. Max out both T’s and my Roth IRAs ($5000 each)
 – on plan

We are on pace here with $400/month each.

3. Max out my 401k ($17,000)
 – ahead of plan

I think I’m on plan for this, but I should double check since there are only about 4-5 paychecks left!

4. End year with 20k more in cash savings accounts – behind pace, but recoverable
We need to get our “Long Term Savings” account up to $35,000 to meet this goal.  We’re at about $31,000.  I actually think we will make this, because T won’t be paying rent for December and part of November.  (If he does end up paying rent, it will be much harder.) 


1.  Train for and complete the L.A. Marathon – and PR! – complete!   
Check!  I finished in sub 4 hours, which I never thought I could do!

2. Run a sub 2 hour half marathon 
– complete!   

I killed this goal!  I’m trying to get under 1:45 next year, which will be a huge challenge.

3.  Run 1000 miles –  ahead of plan
On planI should have no trouble doing this, but I’m not ahead of pace anymore.

4. Incorporate more strength, core, and stretching work – behind pace, but recoverable (maybe…)
I did a lot of yoga in the third quarter, but not so much this month.  I have to get back into it.

Life and Adventure

1.  Push myself professionally – on plan
This year has been crazy.  My projects keep ending (not my fault) and I’ve been doing a lot of random and new things.  Pretty much every task I’m given, I have no idea how to do.  It is exciting to be learning so much, but it can also get pretty stressful.  I’m really increasing the breadth of what I’m doing, and I’m working with some really really smart people.  Despite all the uncertainty in funding, I have trust that I’m being looked after by my people.  In January, my many bosses have a a more consistent full-time position in mind for me.  As much fun as my random tasks have been, I’m also looking forward to digging deep into a real program.

2.  Read 25 books, including at least 5 from this list.  – behind pace, but recoverable
The only way I’ll really recover is if I do a lot of reading over Thanksgiving and Christmas break – which is totally possible! (I should have picked shorter books…)

3.  Backpack and Hike and try some new things – on plan
This year I tried snowboarding & snowshoeing, surfing, stand-up paddle boarding, and kayaking.  I liked all of those except surfing – not my thing.  We haven’t hiked a lot (aside from our Alaska trip), but we did go on a big backpacking trip in the Ansel Adams Wilderness.  It looks like I never posted on it, but it was FANTASTIC, in addition to being really cheap.

4.  Give more (minimum $500, plus some time) – behind pace, but recoverable
So far I’ve donated $183.  That’s not great.   I need to step this up, especially since giving my time hasn’t been happening either.

5.  Travel – on plan
For this quarter, we had a backpacking trip, a family get together in Arizona, and Napa/Sonoma.  I’m pretty happy with this!

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  1. October 23, 2012 5:17 am

    Looks like you’re doing great! We need to plan a backpacking trip but the boy needs to figure out his schedule. Can’t wait until we go since it’s definitely a goal of ours.

  2. October 23, 2012 9:12 am

    You’re doing great.4/13 is pretty good. I’m scared to look at how I’m doing on my 2012 goals. >_<

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