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A few September Goals

September 2, 2013

September has a few fun things planned, but mostly it is just going to be busy.  This is why I have only three little goals, and all pretty minor.

Work is challenging, interesting, and busy – but slightly less so than the summer when I was juggling two roles.  Despite not wanting to give it up, I might be too swamped to support the project I was working early in the year if/when it comes out of hiatus.  It could have meant another trip to Dubai, but I’m working (really really hard) to let that idea go and not be overly attached to it. If I can support it (and if they want me to), I would love to.  But realistically, it may not happen.  With me or without me.

Personal life is back to juggling long distance marriage… YUCK.  It takes a lot out of a woman, and there really is nothing more to say about that.

Health… well, that is something I can work on!  And it also keeps me busy when T is away!  So my three goals are all health related!

1.  Run more.

Running has been pretty horrible since a few weeks before my spring marathon (which it appears I never wrote about).  It could just be stress, but I was having this thing where I had to stop mid-run, long before the level I was trained for, and I felt like I was going to die and/or cry.  I took the summer extremely low-key, but I’ve been feeling better… so my goal is to run more.  Getting in a seven miler would make me happy, especially since I’m considering a late fall marathon.  Unrealistically, I’d like to PR and break 1:45.

2.  Go to the doctor and get blood work done.

My self-diagnosis is anemia (or stress?), but I should go to a doctor to get checked.  In the mean time, I replaced my usual oatmeal + PB breakfast with an iron fortified cereal and added a multivitamin to my routine.  (Actual iron pills scare me without a doctors advice.)  I’ve also just been trying to eat more in general.  I usually just follow my appetite, but when I am stressed it may not be as reliable as it usually is.  All of this seems to have helped a little over the past month.  I was actually able to run 5 miles today, but it still wasn’t quite right.

3.  Go to 6 yoga classes

Enough said here.  I would like to exceed this, but I’m going to both DC  (work) and SF (fun!) this week, so it is just not going happen at all this week.

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  1. September 3, 2013 7:56 am

    I really want to start running more as well. This past week I have been doing really well!

  2. Name Withheld permalink
    September 6, 2013 1:10 pm

    a 1:45 marathon, or a 1:45 half marathon?

    • September 6, 2013 9:30 pm

      Half! I wish that was my goal for a full!

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