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2013 Goals (or lack thereof) and Progress

November 13, 2013

I didn’t set any specific goals for 2013.  I was way too overwhelmed, T was in the middle of job applications, and I had no idea how much double rent we’d end up paying.  Having a goal or not having a goal wasn’t likely to impact what choices we made, so there was no sense in making them.  At a high level, our plans were to:

  • Max out my 401k and both of our Roth IRAs
  • Secure a new job for T
  • Hopefully secure a new job for me in the same city as wherever T got offers
  • Vacation in Turkey as part of a conference T was going to
  • Save as much cash as we could without worrying about it

We were able to succeed on the first three.  As soon as I realized I’d probably be leaving my job before the end of the calendar year, I amped up my 401k contributions to ensure I’d still hit the maximum by my last day.  The Roth IRAs are on track.  We both have jobs starting in January.

I opted not to go on the trip to Turkey, both because I was feeling too overwhelmed with the prospects of moving and because it was too close to my UAE work trip to be practical.  Instead, we took a week to hike in the mountains in California and are going to Paris and London in December.  It isn’t the same, but I’m sure that I’ll love visiting both.

Our cash savings were better than I expected, given the lack of attention I paid to curbing expenses.  So far we’ve saved about $14,500, and I don’t expect that to increase significantly in the next month.  We have been pretty accustom to T’s previous lower salary, so his raise more than covered any additional rent costs and the relaxation in spending.  I got a raise this year as well, and he brought in some consulting income.  While we haven’t been frugal, we’ve created a lifestyle that costs significantly less than the income we need.

I’m really excited for a slightly more predictable 2014 and plan to set some more concrete goals.  At the highest level, both of our top priorities will be adjusting to and succeeding in our new jobs.  We could start to look at houses as soon as the summer.  Unlikely it will be that soon – but possible.  I want to establish my fitness / running routine in my new environment, and hopefully meet some new people in the area.  There are a lot of changes, and a lot of opportunities.

You may wonder why I’m already in 2014 planning mode!  I have just 10 (OMG!) work days left, so I feel like my year is just about done!  I can’t think too much about it though!   I’m still in execution mode at work and it breaks my heart to think too hard about leaving.  I’m excited, but I am so lucky to have get to do what I get to do, and I’m definitely going to miss it!

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