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MLK Random PF updates

January 20, 2014

My new job is going well, our new home is going well, and I am back in the running game prepping for an April half marathon.  I don’t think that I’ll be shooting for a PR this time, but we’ll see how training goes!  The dust from our move is settling, and a lot has been going on in our finances.

  • This is the longest I’ve gone without a paycheck since I started working in 2006!
  • Also, this is the first MLK day I’ve had off since I started working in 2006!
  • Due to lack of paychecks (for me at least), we are taking advantage of the float on our credit cards for the first time ever.  This isn’t really about necessity, but it helps with immediate cash flow.
  • We’ve been doing better at eating in most nights, but worse on lunches.  We’ll need to get back in the habit of packing lunch more often.
  • Other spending has also been higher than usual.  I think that this will relax in February, with the exception of one really really great and expensive meal planned.  And probably a bed frame (Ikea, $500 budget).
  • Since we recently moved, I’ve been buying a lot of “i want it” items randomly.  Most are small, but being in the habit of regularly getting packages is getting a bit daunting.  Returning things that don’t work out is also annoying  Again, this will be an area for focused improvement in February.
  • And  less wine spending too. We’ve started a decent collection, but it is definitely time to relax on that!*
  • As you can tell, we’re investing time and money to make our place feel like “home”, even though we’ll move out in ~2 years.  I miss our old “home” so much, and I’m trying to compensate.
  • We are trying to be smart and only buy things that we can take forward with us to other places.
  • Our income is crazy high (for us) this year, but I don’t want to get used to having two salaries of this size.  I want us to have options.

*We may or may not have pulled out the trash compactor and put in a wine fridge… We have to keep the compactor in order to put it back where we found it when we move out… so it is in our living room under a table cloth.  We got a big canvas and T is going to create us some new art to put in front of it.  (He’s a great artist, when he has time.)  A painting on the floor may be a little odd, but better than an obvious trash compactor. in the living room.  Right?  Hmm…  Yeah, that was T’s “I finally have a real job” present from us both, for us both.

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  1. January 20, 2014 8:54 pm

    Haha, that’s awesome! I’m guessing you don’t have a shed or something handy for storage.

    We made use of CCs as well while we were in paycheck limbo, felt good to finally clear thos this week!

  2. tom permalink
    January 21, 2014 7:49 am

    Great to hear you’re settling in.

    We went a little spend crazy when we moved into our house this past summer and it finally caught up after Christmas. We had to utilize a balance transfer option to help with cash flow. We could have managed without it, it would have been tight, but why bother…

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