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January Wrap-up

February 1, 2014

Since the beginning of the year started off with a lot of , I made “January / February” goals, so I don’t have any goals to report on.  Still, here is how January went.

Budget:  I revised our money tracking system into something simple and usable, and I’m back to tracking our expenses.  This gives me huge peace of mind, even though the numbers this month were too outrageously embarrassing to share.  Let’s just say that there is lots of opportunity for improvement in February, which has the advantage of being the shortest month of the year.  Some of it was moving expenses, some of it was really amping up our new wine hobby, and some of it was new job related.  The rest was just indulgence.  🙂

Income:  We both got our first paychecks of the year!  I think mine is a little smaller than typical since I started a few days into the month, but I haven’t seen the paystub just yet.  It was direct deposited yesterday, without the details.  We have to set up our pre-tax retirement savings and budgets, and hopefully I’ll have a good feel for our month cash savings potential next month.

Career:  The new job is going well, and the career change is still bittersweet.  My new coworkers are awesome, it is so fun working in a real city, and I’m staffed to my first client project.  The work is very different and I’ll learn a lot, but there are a lot of things I miss about my old job, and about engineering in general.

Not without bias, I think engineering is an inherently rewarding career.  I love challenges and problem solving and designing.  I like the satisfaction of pointing to something and saying “I designed that useful thing.”    My new job has problem solving, but it is very different.  I am excited about it, for sure, but I also really enjoyed my previous career.  Plus, I was good at it.  Now I’m a newbie again.

There was a possibility that I’d have to travel (up to 100%), but for this client, I don’t have to.  This is really lucky.  If I weren’t married or in a relationship, traveling would be no problem and maybe even fun (at first).   Since T and I have already spent enough time apart, I’m thankful that I don’t have to travel yet.

Life:  We haven’t done too many interesting things in our new area yet.  We’re still settling in a bit, and I haven’t been my usual planner self.  Maybe that will be another February goal.  🙂

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  1. February 1, 2014 4:04 pm

    I posted my January spending! And it was $7,000 including mortgage :/ I’m definitely somewhat embarrassed about that. My boyfriend and I spent over $500 combined on groceries with our cooking experiment :/ I’m sure we’ll do better with the groceries spending next month though!

    Happy February! Here’s to an awesome year with our new jobs 🙂

    • Anonymous permalink
      February 3, 2014 2:16 pm

      Yay for new jobs!

      So $500 on groceries for two people for the month? I have that beat, although I know some of it was in wine! I spent somewhere around $4,000 + rent. It isn’t so much the total dollar amount as it is the overall distribution of spending. But it makes me really glad I’m back to tracking!

  2. February 8, 2014 8:46 am

    Gosh I think I finally understand why you don’t blog much! Working full-time, cooking dinner with my boyfriend, and the small amount of relaxing we get to do together sure takes up a lot of time! I still haven’t finished doing my 2013 spending evaluation…

    Well some of the groceries spending is beer for my boyfriend. And expensive chocolate for me! (and him) I think we realistically spent about $560 on groceries.

    Yep I’ve never stopped tracking. Data is power!

    • February 8, 2014 11:49 pm

      No kidding. Last year he was gone a lot during the week, yet I still didn’t find much time. It’s easier to leave the computer off when there is someone around. 🙂 In short, blogging isn’t a priority for me any more.

      I mostly stopped tracking when we started to merge money, but I didn’t immediately request/get access to all of his spending… then things got blurry/confusing and I gave up. I do love it though!

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